Justine's Website PicMy name is Justine Pak, and I am a Licensed Associate Marriage & Family Therapist. I love working with all types of couples, and I was inspired to create a calendar of suggestions to help boost the relationship on a daily basis. It is important for couples to continually nurture their relationships by remaining connected, developing greater understanding about one another, and coping together through the current circumstances.

31 Day Relationship Challenge during COVID-19

Day 1: Right when you wake up, say “Good Morning” accompanied with a kiss or hug.
Day 2: Unplug for one meal/one hour from any electronics/wifi to enjoy a cup of coffee/tea or just lay in bed together.
Day 3: Write down 3 things you love about each other and share.
Day 4: Engage in a new form of self-care together, brainstorm!
Day 5: Turn on your favorite “couples’ songs” and dance together or share a glass of wine.
Day 6: Cook a meal together, maybe try something new.
Day 7: Get to know one another with “Love Maps” Cards.
Day 8: Organize the house together and make it a fun activity instead of a dreaded chore.
Day 9: Share fears or worries about the current circumstances and exchange ideas of how to work as a team.
Day 10: Meet your partner’s love language in some way; and if you don’t know it, ask.
Day 11: Picnic at home! Sit on a blanket, eat picnic foods, and enjoy each other’s company.
Day 12: Have a pillow fight or Nerf Gun war, may have to involve kids.
Day 13: Have a discussion about goals for relationship.
Day 14: Play strip Jenga.
Day 15: Take a walk together, just the two of you.
Day 16: Ask what has been hardest for your partner during this time and ask how you can help.
Day 17: Fill out a relationship questionnaire separately and review together.
Day 18: Tackle a project together, maybe something you both have always talked about but put on the backburner?
Day 19: Talk about one difference that you have in a calm and lighthearted way. Use proper communication tools!
Day 20: Play truth or dare, relationship version.
Day 21: Do a Wine/Beer & Cheese Tasting at home together, get fancy!
Day 22: Each partner can pick one movie/episode of their choice and watch them together!
Day 23: Name one suggestion each that might improve the connection in the bedroom.
Day 24: Give each other a short massage.
Day 25: Take 30 minutes to an hour to each define the following: “Commitment”, “Love”, “Trust”, “Healthy Communication”, “Boundaries” and then discuss. Remember to use proper communication tools!
Day 26: Look up at couples Yoga video and try it!
Day 27: Come up with a bucket list of at least 5 things you want to do/places you want to go after the virus.
Day 28: Make a childhood dessert together and enjoy (Examples: dirt cup, Rice Krispy treat, cosmic brownies, etc.)
Day 29: Take a personality test or the Love Languages test and discuss.
Day 30: Wear each other’s clothes for fun.
Day 31: Write down at least 5 things you love about each other and 3 things you wish would improve in the relationship, then discuss/exchange ideas.