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Recognizing and Coping with Anxiety: Letting it Go, or Going Into the Unknown?

Written by: Justine Pak, MAS-MFT, LAMFT  Many of us may have never considered ourselves as ‘having anxiety’, especially if we are used to running around juggling a million things and simply getting stuff done! But the reality is that for more and more individuals, anxiety has become almost an underlying beast or a shadow that [...]

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Putting it Back Together Again: 10 Steps in Making Sense of Big Changes

by Calleen Morris, LMFT If it feels as though someone or something, put your life into a giant bag, shook it up, and then dumped out the contents in an unrecognizable heap, you are not alone! Each of us has seen changes to our past routines as a result of Covid-19.  From some we hear, [...]

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Physical Distancing Must Not Result in Emotional Distancing!

Physical Distancing Must Not Result In Emotional Distancing,  by Calleen A. Morris, LMFT The term “Social Distancing” has been heard all too often in the first months of the year 2020. No one will be surprised when these are published as the “words of the year,” or if the ominous sight of the round image [...]

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31 Day Relationship Challenge during COVID-19

My name is Justine Pak, and I am a Licensed Associate Marriage & Family Therapist. I love working with all types of couples, and I was inspired to create a calendar of suggestions to help boost the relationship on a daily basis. It is important for couples to continually nurture their relationships by remaining connected, [...]

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